Concepción Ramirez

Concepción Ramirez was born on March, the 8th, 1942 in Santiago Atitlán, Guatemala. Her father was an evangelical preacher and her mother used to teach her traditional craftsmanship at home.

Concepción was known for her beauty. When she was 17, her portrait was displayed on the 25 Centavo coin whose design is represented by Concepcion wearing a tocoyal head dress.

Santiago Atitlán owns a place bearing her name: Plaza Plaza Concepción.
When she was 23, she married Miguel Angel Renada Secay and had 6 children with him.

Concepción was a peace activist. She was a spokesperson of the Tz'Utujil region as she loved the language and traditions of this culture.

Due to Guatemala's political violence, Concepción lost her father and her husband who had been assassinated. Thus, Concepción faced armed conflict to prevent violence and ensure the safety of people.

Ethny Backpack wears the name inspired by Concepción Ramirez, who contributed to the development of the country.

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