Product Details

Where do Ethny bags come from?
Ethny bags are fully handmade and created in Guatemala, respecting ancestral know-how.
They are inspired by remarkable Guatemalan women that share our values and philosophy. 

Who makes Ethny bags?
Ethny bags are made by expert Guatemalan artisans.

Where can I purchase Ethny bags?
Ethny bags can be purchased only on Ethny e-shop.


Care & Repair

How do I care for my Ethny bag?
You can care for your Ethny bag using leather cleaner and conditioner. With a small cotton pad, rub the product gently to remove stains, dust or other imperfections that can damage the leather. You can use leather balms to give more shine to the leather. We also recommend other natural options you may know of as long as you are gentle while cleaning it.


How do I authenticate my Ethny bag?
Each Ethny bag has a serial number in it. No additional steps are needed.



How long will it take for my package to arrive?
From your order to the delivery at your home it takes 3 weeks for the US and 5 weeks for international shipping.


    How do I track my order?
    After your order has been placed, you will receive an email with your tracking information and details.
    If you need more information, please contact Ethny customer service at info@ethnystore.com.

      How to get assistance for an order?
      Contact Ethny customer service at info@ethnystore.com.

        How do I change information in my order after it has been placed?
        Contact Ethny customer service at info@ethnystore.com.

          Where does Ethny ship to?
          Ethny ships internationally.

          How much does shipping cost?
          The shipping cost depends on the weight of the item you are ordering and your location.
          To know your shipping cost you can simulate a purchase on Ethny e-store or contact
          Ethny customer service at info@ethnystore.com.


          Which payments are accepted?
          Payments by PayPal or credit cards (Visa, Mastercard, American Express and Discover) are accepted. 

          Are international credit cards accepted?
          International credit cards are accepted.

          Returns & Exchanges

          What is the returns and exchanges policy?
          Due to the handmade artisan work, process, care and time each bag takes to create,
          we do not accept returns or exchanges. Be sure to read everything about the product before placing your order.


          What do we do?
          Ethny helps underdeveloped countries grow their economy by supporting artisans to widen and develop their skill set, all while keeping cultural traditions alive. Ethny aspires to have a positive impact on earth and is contributing to a sustainable fashion industry. 

          What’s our vision?
          ETHICAL FASHION, to know where your clothes come from, including the origin of the fabric, the territory and the humans behind it.
          ETHNIC FASHION, to perpetuate and transmit the traditions and knowledge of our ancestral cultures.

          What are our main values?
          Justice is our priority. Love is our religion. We believe in Humanity. Nature gives us energy.

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