María Chinchilla

María Chinchilla Recinos was born on september 2nd, 1909 in Jutiapa Guatemala. She was a well known Guatemalan teacher and became a national symbol. She worked in a public school in Asunción Mita, Jutiapa and up until 1932 she traveled to Guatemala City.

Later on the city was the place she resided. She was part of the Catholic Teachers Association where she was known for her leadership and moving power. Through her career she was part of pacific protests. She fought against unfair salaries against teachers that the government allowed at that time.

During this protests, in june 25th of 1944, María Chinchilla organized a pacific protest against the president and sadly she received a shot wound that caused her to pass away. As an homage and tribute, the national association of teachers declared the 25th of june as Teachers Day, in the memory of their partner… María Chinchilla.

Ethny Minibag wears the name inspired by María Chinchilla, who contributed to the development of the country.

10% of each sale is donated to artisans and local organizations to improve life and work conditions.