Concepción Backpack - Pink
Concepción Backpack - Pink
Concepción Backpack - Pink
Concepción Backpack - Pink
Concepción Backpack - Pink
Concepción Backpack - Pink

Concepción Backpack - Pink

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Concepción Backpack is the result of a collaboration between a European sustainable avant-garde vision and, the colorful high-quality richness of traditional know-how from Guatemala.

Ethny is committed to cultural heritages and support the value of passing down tradition generation after generation. Every single item is a colorful expression of tradition and humanity.

- Concepción Backpack measures long 8.5”, high 11”, and depth 4”.

- The leather used is a full grain leather made in Guatemala. The all process of the leather creation takes about few weeks. 

- The weaving is entirely handmade on a backstrap loom respecting the ancient Mayan technique. It takes about 4 to 5 days to realize the weaving on this bag.

- The creation and assemblage of the bag is entirely handmade by a Guatemalan expert artisan in the country. It takes about 2 days for its creation.

- The threads are 100% cotton produced in Guatemala.

- The lining used is sateen produced in Guatemala.

Created in Guatemala by expert craftsmen.

10% of sales is donated to our artisans and local organizations.

Concepción Ramirez
A peace activist also known for her beauty. She was born on March 8th 1942 in Santiago Atitlán.

Concepción Ramirez was part of the Tz’utujil community. She was a spokesperson proud of her roots and culture. She always wore the Tocoyal, a headdress with great significance and honour for her community. When she was 17, her portrait was displayed on the 25 centavo coin. Even though Concepción faced an armed conflict, violence and discrimination, she always encouraged peace in people, and for everyone to be brave.